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Île De France, Flock HG 122, est. 1989

In 1986 we purchased our first Île De France RAM to use on replacement ewe lambs as Île De France lambs are easily lambed and are outstandingly hardy and on their feet and suckling within minutes.

We were pleased to find the customers very keen on this “new” breed of lamb due to the excellent carcass quality and high kill out % of our Île De France x Suffolk lambs and this encouraged us to start the GROVEBEG pedigree flock.

Chapelizod Ile De France Shearling Ram

Île De France Sheep, Breed Traits

Ile de France lambs are without doubt the easiest lambed and hardiest lambs of any terminal sire breed.

The lambs are extremely fast to stand and suck and are born with a good coat of wool. This makes Ile de France the ideal sire for mating to Ewe lambs.

ile de france lamb

Île De France ewes are prolific with the ability to breed out of season.

Rams are extremely fertile and active all year round

Île De France carcass quality is excellent with lean ,well muscled gigots ,large eye muscle area plus a good kill out

Worm Resistant
In trials carried out in 2000 by Teagasc the Île De France ewe lambs showed extremely low Faecal egg counts. This has encouraged some organic lamb producers to make repeat purchases of rams from our flock.

ile de france ewe and lamb at grass

Chapelizod Ile De France Ewe and Lamb

Breed Improvement
As the only registered Île De France flock in Ireland the Grovebeg flock of Île De France is recorded by Sheep Ireland LambPlus scheme.

New bloodlines are sourced from Northern Ireland where there is a sire reference scheme, and semen of performance tested rams is imported from France where the Île De France is the premier terminal sire.

All Rams & Ram lambs offered for sale are (ARR/ARR) type 1 for scrapie resistance.

Chapelizod Shearling Ile De France Rams for sale 2006
Chapelizod Shearling Ile De France Rams for sale

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